Fundus automated perimetry compares visual function and retinal structure to find a correlation. This technique helps your eye care specialist to evaluate your eyes and your overall vision.

Visual field tests detect damage to the optic nerve, which is often the result of damage due to glaucoma. They can also detect a number of central and peripheral retinal diseases; these include optic nerve disease, ptosis and drooping of the eyelid, and other diseases which affect the brain’s visual pathways, such as strokes or aneurysms.

The Compass Centervue Fundus Automated Perimetry differs from Standard Automated Perimetry in its ability to measure sensitivity at specific retinal locations, to more accurately track based compensation of eye movements, as well as to assess the function of the nerve fibers and the retinal structure. These are all done simultaneously in order to provide an accurate quantitative assessment of fixation.

Fundus Automated Perimetry has had little clinical use in glaucoma management. The previously available systems did not fully comply with modern standards of automated perimetry, therefore limiting the use of this product. COMPASS is safe and ready for its use in improving visual field analysis.

The Benefits of COMPASS Include:

  • High-resolution Truecolor Confocal Images of the nerve fiber of the central retina and of the optic nerve itself
  • Analysis of both structure and function
  • The ability to test and re-test, over and over again, due to its ability to compensate for eye movements
  • Automated follow-ups with reliable and clear assessments of eye structure and visual function
  • User friendly––automatic refractive correction, no trial lenses required
  • Increased patient comfort: data is not lost if test is ended or paused at any time

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