Almost everyone (including those with perfectly healthy eyes) notices a few floaters once in a while. This is entirely normal. If you, however, see showers of spots and floaters accompanied by flashes of light, you should see an eye care professional for a dilated eye exam. Such signs are symptoms of vitreous detachment, whereby the vitreous may be pulling from the retina and may cause a retinal detachment.
Floaters caused by vitreous detachment are more common in people who:

  • Are nearsighted
  • Have undergone cataract surgery
  • Have had trauma to the eye
  • Have had inflammation of the eye

Because floaters or flashes can be an indication of a serious problem, you should contact our doctor when:

  • You see floaters for the first time
  • You notice an increase in the number or size of floaters
  • You experience the sudden onset of flashes

In most cases no serious problems are found, but a complete eye examination is important. If there is damage to the retina, it needs to be diagnosed and treated immediately to prevent vision loss.

These symptoms may indicate retinal detachment, but if you’re experiencing them, you should been seen by an eye care professional immediately. Call us to be seen one of our doctors as soon as possible at 361-993-7778.