What exactly is a Keratographer? This diagnostic instrument maps the cornea’s surface to find abnormalities. This equipment helps to determine what might be affecting vision quality, as the cornea’s shape determines the visual ability of the eye itself. A flat, steep, or uneven cornea will affect visual acuity. The Keratographer’s finely tuned measurements can discern conditions which are otherwise undetectable to conventional testing methods.

The Keratographer creates an image similar to a topographic map––it shows raised surfaces and other surface irregularities. The 3D “map” facilitates our doctors in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of conditions. Additionally, it helps our doctors to fit contact lenses for eyes that are uneven or otherwise afflicted.

This equipment is highly effective in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple conditions. These include keratoconus (increased curvature of the cornea), corneal deformities, corneal scars or opacities, and measurements for Lasik, PRK, and Cataract surgeries.

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